2016-2017 NUA Technology Menu (Updated 2/24/17)

Please refer to the menu linked above when purchasing technology items for NUA students.

These items listed are the only options for purchasing technology items with instructional funds.

Contact your education advisor to order technology items.


A few points to consider when ordering technology:

Per the NUA Home School Handbook, instructional funds may be used to purchase one HP Stream or tablet per student per school year.

  • Accidental damage protection must be purchased for each device. Pricing information can be found on the Technology Menu.
  • Items grouped as packages on the Technology Menu must be purchased together. For example, families interested in a laptop, must purchase the following:
    • HP Stream
    • Laptop case
    • Accidental Damage Protection
    • Items sold in packages cannot be purchased separately.
    • Technology cannot be released to the student until the technology coordinator has received a signed Technology Acceptance Agreement. The student, parent or legal guardian, and education advisor must all sign this document.
    • Be aware that prices may fluctuate. The price listed on the Technology Menu and the price you see on the day you request a tech order through your EA may be different from the final price of the item. NUA has no control over price fluctuations.
    • There are special considerations for software purchases. Please refer to page 13 of the 2016-2017 Home School Handbookand ask your EA if you have further questions.