As a California public school, NUA Home School is required to show that students are making progress toward the standards in each core subject area (ELA, math, science, and history-social studies). However, as parent educators, you are free to meet those standards in whatever way works best for your child. NUA is proud to retain lots of flexibility for our students and their families. Families may choose from a wide range of curriculum options and instructional methods.

You may like to think of the standards as the destination; the journey is completely up to you and your child.

CA State Standards Book Lists (books correlated to various standards in all subjects)

A special thank you to one of our NUA Home School parents for sharing this great resource!

Essential Skills: Math (K-8)– The standards re-written in friendlier language.

Essential Skills; English-Language Arts (K-8)– More coming soon!


English- Language Arts Math Science History-Social Studies Physical Education Visual & Performing Arts
Kindergarten ELA K Math K Science K History-Social Studies K Physical Education K Visual Arts K

Music K

Grade 1 ELA 1 Math 1 Science 1 History-Social Studies1 Physical Education 1 Visual Arts 1

Music 1

Grade 2 ELA 2 Math 2 Science 2 History-Social Studies2 Physical Education 2 Visual Arts 2

Music 2

Grade 3 ELA 3 Math 3 Science 3 History-Social Studies3 Physical Education 3 Visual Arts 3

Music 3

Grade 4 ELA 4 Math 4 Science 4 History-Social Studies4 Physical Education 4 Visual Arts 4

Music 4

Grade 5 ELA 5 Math 5 Science 5 History-Social Studies5 Physical Education 5 Visual Arts 5

Music 5

Grade 6 ELA 6 Math 6 Science 6 History-Social Studies6 Physical Education 6 Visual Arts 6

Music 6

Grade 7 ELA 7 Math 7 Science 7 History-Social Studies7 Physical Education 7 Visual Arts 7

Music 7

Grade 8 ELA 8 Math 8

Algebra 1

Science 8 History-Social Studies8 Physical Education 8 Visual Arts 8

Music 8


Assessment Resources