High School (Grades 9-12)

NUA 1001 STEAM provides an engaging education for middle school students, combining classroom learning with opportunities to build, create, and innovate at our Kearny Mesa campus. Students learn core subjects with a focus on developing 21st-century skills.

Core Classes:

6th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Earth Science
  •      Ancient History

7th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Life Science
  •      Medieval History

8th Grade:

  •      English
  •      Math
  •      Physical Science
  •      U.S. History


  •     Art
  •     Physical Education
  •     Computer Literacy
  •     Coding
  •     Study Skills
  •     Career Explorations

Middle school students can participate in extra-curricular activities and county-wide competitions. There is never a dull moment at NUA 1001 STEAM, as students are continually challenged to think critically and creatively, and bring new ideas to the classroom.


  •      STEAM DAYS
  •      Spelling Bee
  •      Geography Bee
  •      Middle School Debates
  •      Junior Model United Nations
  •      Math Competitions

Middle School Sports:

  •    Cross Country
  •    Basketball
  •    Volleyball